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Write an Essay

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Write me an essay... 

When you have typed out your answer (in a Word document) send it to me at dallaker@aggs.school.nz

(Please make sure if you are using a newer version of word, or work on an Apple Mac, that you save it as a compatible version)


How to write a Classical Studies essay.ppt


Women, or more correctly, girls, were usually married by the time they were twelve years old, sometimes even younger. (Shelton) 


Marriage and childbirth were very important times in a Roman woman’s life. Describe in detail the religious practices associated with these two important events, and explain the intended purpose of the ceremonies.


What significance might these practices have had for women?


Pious Romans sought to maintain ‘pax deorum’, or a harmonious relationship with the gods, by finding out their will in advance.


Discuss in detail the nature and importance of the following methods of divination:

  • augury
  • the Sibylline Books
  • haruspicy


What impact did the introduction of astrology have on these traditional methods of divination?


Essay brainstorm2.doc  

Roman prayer contained a number of elements considered essential for the gods to take notice and the request to be granted.



  • the elements of prayer that ensured that the correct god or goddess was prayed to and why this was so important
  • three further elements of prayer that were considered essential and why these were so important.


What do such procedures tell us about how the Romans viewed their relationship with the gods?

From the 2nd century BC onwards, a number of educated Romans began to take an interest in Greek philosophical ideas, in particular Stoic and Epicurean thought.


Discuss the key ideas of

•        Stoicism, and

•        Epicureanism.


What reasons might be given for this growth of interest in these two philosophical systems, and how influential were they in the Roman world of the late Republic and early Empire?

14 - Philosophy 2011.ppt


Essay brainstorm3 (philosophy).doc







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