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The Achilles Painter

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The Achilles Painter





Achilles painter Lekythos.pptx  - by Shaniqua 2012










It is a very simple one that should not take us to long.  Like the previous vases this is of the white ground style.



Date:              450-440 BC

Type:             Lekythos-White ground

Potter:           Unknown

Painter:         "Achilles Painter": He is named after a vase painting that he did of Achilles on a        red figure vase which is now in the Vatican.  He was a pupil of the Berlin Painter,            and is mostly known for his white ground lekythoi.

Height:          c.37 cms

Subject:        Woman and maid.


There is very little to say about this vase, but if it were to come up in Bursary, the question would almost certainly ask you about where the painter got his name from, and also in what respect this vase, or rather vases of this type are like wallpaintings and sculpture.  Bear this in mind when you're taking notes.  Also they would ask what it was most likely to have been used for.  Simple questions on which to score easy marks!!



By the second half of the 5th century, these white ground lekythoi were exclusively used for oil storage in funerals.  Often only outlines of the figures appear because further delicate colours, such as green or mauve were painted on after the vase was firing, and have subsequently flaked off.  There are literally thousands of these lekythoi dotted around museums, many of poor quality.


Subject matter

This vase is of a homely rather than funereal scene.  The woman has a brown cloak over a yellow tunic.  She is directing a young maid who is carrying a grey casket.  The maid wears a tunic which is apparently transparent, but would originally have been coloured in: the non-fireable dye has flaked off over time.  To the left of the maid there is a small lekythos and a headscarf hanging on a wall which suggests that the scene is set indoors.  Above the scene on the shoulder of the vase is a very schematic palmette, poorly drawn.  Quite a large vase.  The inscription reads "Deiopathes, son of Alkimachos, is handsome" - it is a kalos inscription.  It refers to a well-known youth, not the deceased.



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